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Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014| Work

Hey its a new year and its March already. I've got to revive my blog the place where i leave my thoughts in words that years later when i lost myself, i will still find myself here. 

A new year, a brand new chapter, and a whole loads of challenges ahead that are coming to me but not knowing what they are. Anticipating for the best to come but fear of the bad to deal with. D: 

Talking about my brand new chapter, my first career has been 83 days for now including weekends. I got an app to calculate that for me heh. Not sure how i landed in this job in this company. But so far its treating me good, not so sophisticated environment, i've a people-oriented hod which treats us like just her colleagues. A few youngsters just like me ahaha that we enjoy ourselves pretty much on food and also taking a break from working by hanging out at the pantry taking our time making coffee and milo sometimes even milo dinosaurs. Talking bout work, i do have stress days when i have overloaded work to
complete by the day itself but sometimes am just too free that i could just spend time on filing. Seeing that my job responsibilities have been increasing, am not fear of them just need to struggle and learn to master them. 

I've always wanted to work in the city since i move away from it during my pre-u days. I am longing to go back to the city where i used to see the twin towers so near from my balcony. Now that my dream kinda fulfilled, i am feeling so dreadful having to travel so far to work using various transportation just to get there. Travelling is so tiring already. But i guess i've adapted to it. 

Since the beginning of the career, there are already so many social events to join. From the 4 days orientation where we got to know other people from other states and branches and subsidiary, to Christmas dinner and gift exchange at Shangrila hotel to cny dinner with the top management. I guess i will never understand the Chinese national's mandarin. As much as i dislike reading in chinese, i still didnt know how i landed in this job. 

May this year will be a good year. Having mixed feeling actually so sad about the MH370. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Visual Diary 2

Hello hello hello. This might be my last post for the year seeing that I am so lazy to blog nowadays. and also the fact that I am starting work soon. Erpp, that means I would not have time like this for me to laze around in my room whole day just staring at my 14 inch laptop watching nonsensical HK dramas. A lil' excited bout my 1st career but thinking about the journey I need to travel and all the hassle that I need to go through in this hustle bustle city, it's a total MEH. 

So since the month we graduated, the bf and I have been going through ldr. He went back to his hometown and me remain here in my home. As much as I am being a very attached gf, I've no choice but to learn to be independent whenever he is back at his hometown. We spent hours on fb chat and I always being reluctant to go to bed because knowing that I would only be able to continue to bising him the next day. But things weren't that bad because he would come down to visit me once every month. :DDD And every time he comes down, he would chauffeur me around and we would go on pan mee date, some shopping date and also sending me & waiting for me until my interview session ended. Heee!!! Feeling so much loved with him around. It's a luxury for a few days when he is here and then it's back to ldr again. Meh meh meh! But I guess I am fortunate enough that we are only 3 hours distance away and not 3000 miles away. 

I am always a happy girl when he comes down coz he would bring loads of food for me! Sometimes it's the very famous lao ban tou fu fa (which he has not been bringing me for a few months already!), sometimes it's the otak-otak. and this time he brought me keropok from Kukup Island.


My accomplishment! Of course I did not finished the whole packet of keropok on myself. But I guess 3/4 packet of it. Hehehe! 


He brought me chocolates from Europe too!!! <3 <3 <3 Whoops ate it already only I thought of taking picture of it, it has a nice ribbon around it.


Another one from his parents. Cheese from Holland and I've yet to try this. 

We went for a movie on Saturday night with mumsie. Watched this Singaporean movie on toilets. Quite content-less I could say. -___-


Brought him to try out the burger @Steam N Grill Burger. I've tried the Otak-otak one and it tasted really good! Pay a visit again and tried the fish burger. The fish was good but it's not that juicy, hey! more mayonnaise!  



Forced him to take a picture with me. It's so hard to get him to pose with me. D: D: D: 

We did a lot of shopping these few days, went malls hopping every day. and Pavilion has the best Christmas deco we've seen.


Forced him to take a Christmas picture with me. Hey, it's a mandatory one. Grrr. 


We were both too caught up with shopping, and we had a late lunch at Food Republic. Crowded with ppl cray cray in the evening. This was his, errp, doesn't look nice with the dried chilli and ginger. D: 


and mine the yummiest! Noms. 

Shopping loots! But ahh man, I forgotten to take his. He has more than me. -___- I've this obsession with floral prints, I need to go flip flip touch touch whenever I see floral prints. But he would stop me everytime I do that, until I don't even wanna touch already. Hmph. Floral prints are soooo naisss, please go learn how to see the beauty in it. D: 

So on his last day here, we went on a Jap din din with his friends. Nice ambiance and good food! (Y) and also not to mention I loveeeee Jap food x10000. Owhh the chawanmushi was ultimately yums. Reminds me of the one my bf made for the first time for me :DDD But I was too excited to eat it and forgotten to take picture of it fml. His was wrinkled up chawanmushi though but still it tasted not that bad. 

It's true that absence makes the heart grows fonder. I've learn how to appreciate the time he comes down and spent the time with me. Distance? Yay or Nay? I am looking forward to Jan! Please come soon although I am quite reluctant to start working. I am still in my holiday mood T.T 

Okay. Byez. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Visual Diary 1

Hello hello. I've not been updating very often these days. But here's something from yesterday. Meeting up with the primary school bestie for some catch up session. It was bliss getting to see her twice this year. Went mcd for din din since we wanna get the Hello Kitty toy. -_- Srsly, my first time getting toy from McD. But I ain't that cray cray wanting to collect the whole series, I just want this particular ugly duckling hello kitty. Cutxxy max! If only you know my obsession with duckies. Wanted to get this duckie soft toy in Paradigm Mall at a very good deal the other day, but mumsie would've scolded me for buying soft toy. So imma get it the next time :D Back to bestie, we might not talk often or perhaps just once or twice skype session in a year, but whenever she came back, we would have endless topics to talk about. Brought my polaroid out yesterday and we have loads of fun playing selfie with it. :D Friendship is like this, we do not need to see each other often, do not need to talk often, but we still remain in each other's heart. True friends are so precious :')


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mid-Autumn Festival: High School Version

So right after my unimates mid-autumn festival version, I had another high school version in the weekends. We bought Wendy's chicken and nuggets and brought them to the playground. Eating them with our bare hands just like happy kids again. We were so hungry that most of us were busy layaning our chickens only and not the lantern. Hahaha!

So on average I've known these girls for 7 years. Unbelievable it's been this long already, but they were all my former table neighbors, that after we graduated, our friendship got even closer. We spent time on road trips, most of the time karaoke-ing, shopping and eating good food and also a lot of gossip session. That's how girly we are from the girls' school. lol.

We were all from different courses different industries & fields, separated by oceans and thousands of miles and different time zone, we still could find similar topics. Now that we are all being reunited again back at the same place, our friendship still hold strong. Soooo happy now that I could meet up with them on the most spontaneous time day ever. They are the best ever that happened during my high school days. :)))



Mid-Autumn Festival: Unimates version

Ohaii, looks like it's been a few months since my last updates. I've slowly lose my blogging mode. I guess I will just need to revive this habit again. 

So last week, we had a steamboat gathering + lantern playing to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival together. It's Khairul's first experience in playing lantern, glad that he shared the fun with us. So we spent our time after dinner at the playground struggling lighting up candles and carefully playing with the lanterns so that we didn't burnt them down. Playing on the swing and see-saw. That night was the night we were a bunch of 22 yrs old reviving our childhood at the playground, having our fun till the night is late. 

We had been friends for 4 years now, friends that I've made since the start of my college days. They are the people that I talk to frequently, people that I hang out with, people that I have fun with and people that I share my happiness and frustration with, and most importantly people that I annoyed them a lot. Hehehe! Now that we were all going on a separate ways, we don't get to eat lunch everyday anymore, there's still a bond that holds us strong. 

I am glad I have you guys, accompany me throughout my college days giving me the best days of my life. So much love for you all. That night we were all happy kids! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

#176: Arguments

Something like this will always happen. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" --> "I thought you knew about it".  Arguments tend to happen just because of the minor-est thing. and sometimes, 

miscommunication is the root of all arguments.

So I was a lil' angry with my significant other before dinner and I got so frustrated about it. I walked away hoping to clear my mind, and the next moment I was thinking it's not a big matter after all. In fact I realized that the reason that I am angry doesn't make sense at all. Why would I got myself so angry and frustrated just because we have different opinions. 

The thing about relationship is, we are still two different individuals, we have our own thinking and our own way of doing things. We might argue over the smallest, littlest, silliest things ever, which these are just something that helped us in understanding each other. At the same time, bringing two different minds into the same equilibrium. and these reasons made arguments into a good after effect in the end, we learned more bout ourselves and each other at the same time bringing us closer together. 

I was at the wrong, and I apologize immediately when I managed to cool things down. Things didn't got worst, and we had our dinner peacefully. Sometimes, arguments are good for relationship. These unhappiness might would just make two person understand each other better. Sometimes it's not the happy moments that build the relationship. The unhappy moments certainly do weigh a lot in it too. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


#1 So this was during my mid-semester break few weeks ago, where we celebrated one of our good friend's birthday at Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf - Bangsar Village. It's a pretty trendy place recently where so many good reviews about it online. Finally I got to try it myself and gosh, it's really thumbs up. Thou the service was not that friendly, probably it's just peak hour. This is the Mighty Piggy Burger as you can see there's egg, cheese and fat juicylicious pork patty serving at only rm24, a rather affordable price with this huge portion. Certainly yummier than the one I had at The Hungry Hog in my previous post. 

#2 Egg Royale Salmon! Ahh, I love how the smoked salmon taste. So into salmon these days especially the raw ones and thinking how I reject these food last time, I felt so silly only to discover the heaven in it only recently. Ahahah! At only rm19, but I guess the portion ain't suitable to be eaten during lunch time. 

#3 Soft shell crab burger. It's yummy but not recommended to big eater because it wouldn't be enough for them. Definitely going back to Three Little Pigs & Big Bad Wolf again, I wanna try their Eggs Benedict. :D 

#4 On a Tuesday night, we went for dinner at this burger shop again - Burgertory @SS15 where the shop concept is like a laboratory, reminds me of our Kemahiran Hidup workplace thou during the high school days. Oh gosh, how many burgers have I consumed recently. D: ordered the Burgertory Classic with cheddar mild cheese and superb thick juicylicious pork patty inside (the pork patty kinda felt like minced meat thou), too lazy to upload the picture already. Ahahah! 

#5 Ending this post with super unglamour food. Not any trendy restaurant that I went recently, not burger, just a rather simple-normal-usual-nothing special spaghetti produced from my kitchen. Ahahaha! You can't really see there's actually loads of eggs & chilli tuna inside in right? 

Till next time. xx