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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Looks like I haven't been updating this space of mine for sucha long time. So I thought probably I could put up some food pictures and make this place looks interesting again. I am sooooo hungry right now! There's one common thing that I share with my significant other, which we both love eating. However, the contrary part was he loves bitter gourd. and it's a BIG no-no to me. He can eat ginger. I have to pick up every single ginger that I see. He can eat super duper hot chilli. I can eat very mild type, or ketchup will be the best. Since pan mee xx burger xx nasi lemak are my favorite, it automatically became his favorite too. You see how this works? He cannot say no to my favorite food but who can actually resist pan mee xx burger xx nasi lemak? They are the best creation xx best food ever okay. Everytime when it comes to meal time, pan mee & burger will pop up 1st. Woohooo! So that's why this explained the pictures below. Best thing ever to happen? #nomsnoms & #food 

#1 This was during a fine Saturday. We spent dinner time with his two other buddies @The Hungry Hog, SS15 which serves affordable porkilicious dishes. It was quite good, wad's important was the juicylicious pork patty. As for the fries, it's just some normal fries. Not as unique as the one @The Burger Lab. 

#2 Since the significant other promised to bring me to The Burger Lab for my 2nd visit, he actually made up to his promise. :D I love their charcoal burger and the chicken patty, and also their fries and the sauce. Everything is yummy just that the downside probably will be the queuing part & limited seats part. 

#3 Treated the mumsie & significant other @Kissaten, IOI Boulevard during Mother's Day. So wad you are looking at will be Char Siew Pizza. Ain't that unique? It doesn't come in a huge pizza size like how the ones you ate at Dominos. It came in a fairly medium size plate. There's loads of char siew and the taste was not bad too. 

#4 Now you know the main reason I picked Kissaten would probably because of their famous Teriyaki Pork Burger. At only RM13.90, the portion is very huge. and the best thing is the pork patty was extremely juicier as compared to above. Definitely a must try! (Y)

#5 I've never tried Nando's, so on a special day and a special date. The significant other brought me here. The chicken definitely taste yummier than Kenny Roger's, as for the side dishes. Kenny Roger's definitely have the better ones. 

#6 Nomsnoms all the way! Four of us again and our second visit to Nadeje together. 

All these food above that I have consumed in these two weeks time. Tooooo many burgers overloaded. But we just couldn't resist good food. There's this thing that the significant other loves doing just to make me annoyed, is to tell people how much I dislike eating pan mee xx burger xx nasi lemak. -____- On the brighter side, we finally had our favorite Jojo's pan mee last night. Felt like heaven #satisfaction. Oh most of the photos above stolen from ze significant other. :)