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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday Night.

Last Friday night, we had a pre-birthday-celebration for Sann Sann. Went to this restaurant with sport cars theme. The atmosphere was okay but am not a person who fancy eating in somewhere kinda dark. :) All we did was eating, taking photos. As usual. Hee! This girl is still in Sabah, well birthday girl is enjoying to the fullest.

Chicken Chop. 


Fish & Chips. 

Sann captured this. You have to turn the steering to wash your hand and step on that pedal to get soap. hah! interesting. 

Always & Forever Bestie! 

Outings with the Unimates.

Went for laser tag outing with the unimates last tuesday. Not the cars following part and getting lost.  So we kinda got lost in Klang for almost 2 hours, then managed to find our way back to I-City. Klang's lunch plan totally fail. hah! Majority of us had no experience in laser tag at all. Oh yeah, it was my 1st time to I-City too. Heard so many people talking bout how beautiful the lights there at night. Sigh, we were there in the morning. So yeah, we paid rm 27 for 3 games (50%)  bought from Groupon Malaysia. Good deal yo! There were almost 30 people, so we had to separate into 2 teams. Went for short briefing. Played 3 games, and 1st game was individual, while the 2nd and 3rd game were based on teams. Teamwork yo! 10 minutes per game, running around could get you so sweaty. The person in-charge there were friendly :) So yeah, done with playing. Off we went to Klang for the famous steamboat buffet. Sweaty again. As usual, the guys helped to finish up those leftovers food since there will be charges for wasting food. Haha! and also birthday celebration with the July babies. What a day! Love the unimates most. :D

Photos all kinda blur. Taken using iphone.

If you guys are interested in laser tag, this is the address:
Laser Warzone
Unit K-14-1,
Jalan Multimedia 7/AH, Citypark,
I-City, Shah Alam
4000 Selangor, Malaysia.

Or you could go check it out from here http://www.facebook.com/laserwarzone/ 

1st Yr. Done.

So yeah, backdated post again. Trying hard to not writing anymore backdated post. There are few more to go thou. :) Last Monday, we had our last paper and off we went pyramid to celebrate. and oh well our Elaine is back in M'sia. Together with the unimates, we had our lunch at Sakae Sushi. Then we did our shopping. Didn't catch up much with Elaine thou. But yeah, we had awesome souvenirs from her.  We are all glad that you are back, finally the XIEGLS are united. hah!

On the left was a picture taken last year. Celebrated her birthday at Korean BBQ Plaza.
On the right was a current picture I stole from her facebook. Hee :) Korean-ish much.

Celebrated her belated birthday at Sakae. Combined 5 pieces of cake. Creative much.

So yeah, finally no more skype session coz there is live session now. Yay! Can't wait for the 5 to go for lunch/library/pyramid together! :)))

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alii's Farewell Lunch Party

This is so way backdated. But I just need to update this. Went for a lunch farewell party during the study break week. Alii is now back in Mauritius for good. We shall miss you loads here :) Hopefully there will be times that we can all meet together. I read about this somewhere that "Goodbyes are not forever, it's not the end, it's just simply means that we'll miss you till we meet again". So true. I am gonna trust you that you will return here since you said that you like M'sia a lot. :) It's just a matter of time thou.

This is the restaurant. It's by the lake, so yeah, nice ambiance. (taken from bangsar-babe.blogspot.com)

Everyone just need to have faith in themselves, believe that they can do it, and just go for it. But yeah, I knew this but I've not learn how to have faith in myself too. Sometimes, my self-esteem just plunges to the lowest point. Or perhaps most of the time. I don't know. Ponder =/

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm here to say sorry.

I just mess up our friendship. I've always in my comfort zone, those high school drama or friendship drama had never ever happened to me. This time, I really made a mess. My selfishness has been a dominant to my friendship, I didn't care about the friend's feelings at all. I just go doing on my own way. I just took granted of our friendship. I feel bad, heartache reading what you wrote to me. I am so sorry that I've hurt you that much. Apology is never a hard word to say, it takes courage but it is when I realized I really did something wrong. I wish I could take back what I did to you. but no, damage is already done.

I'm SORRY. I really am. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A day out.

Spent the whole day outside yesterday with the high school sweetheart when I am supposed to be studying. hah! no guilt feelings thou since this was planned kinda early. Transformer is trending, so I went to watch with them. Front seat and throughout the whole movie, I needa sit slanted to avoid stiff neck. The movie was not bad, just like the usual hero saving the world story. But yeah, the cars and the transformer were what amaze the people I guess. So from midvalley for movie, we went to solaris dutamas for some dessert before having lunch. Yeah, macaroons. Heard about it quite a lot recently, trending too I guess. Certain people told me it was really nice and the macaroons are an addiction, while certain people telling me it's like putting sugar inside your mouth. The ones I had in that shop weren't that sweet thou. So yeah, not that bad. and finally having our lunch in the evening about 4pm at Plaza Damas's Pasta Zanmai. back at home in the evening, and went out to the mall again with mum. A productive Saturday indeed. 

This is where we had our Macaroons. 

♥. Always. 

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