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Monday, April 30, 2012

Page 121: Birthday #familyedition

Ohey, it's almost May. So i decided that maybe I should blog something about my birthday after procrastinating for so long. I told myself to blog before May, but looks like I won't make it. Had the first birthday celebration @Plan B with my cousins. She insisted on going to this place since the comments she read online about this place was pretty great. So yeah, having to queue for tables, it was so crowded on a Friday night. The food portion is big and the awesome part was the food were yummylicious. Thumbs up! Aunt bought me cupcakes from Bijoux, they were the prettiest food that night and every picture has them in it. Haha, stars of the night! Am lovin the cupcakes a lot. 

I am blessed to have cousins to plan for my birthday dinner a month before my birthday. Thank you cousieees who are my personal happy therapy that we never fail to laugh out loud at almost everything whenever I am with you all. I've always wanted to be in the same school with my cousiees. I am always jealous with my cousiees back in Penang because they all get to study in the same school, and me stucked over here alone in school and only get to see them during the long holidays. I have thoughts and dreams to transfer school to Penang to study with them. Obviously, that's just some unrealistic dreams. Now, being in the same uni with my two happy therapy cousins, I am blessed to have them. Having to just give a call to them and we would meet up, having to bump into them in the washroom, having to crash at their condo, having them to nom nom together and having them to talk to me most importantly. Sisters love. I just love my family :) 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Page 115: Library Post

Hello everyone, a long hiatus on my blog I see. Have been busy with assignments as usual and it's slowly killing me. I am afraid that I couldn't manage my time properly with the amount of workload. April is ending soon and it seems like I spend my whole April staring and working in front of the laptop only. There was not much fun besides the birthdays celebration which i would blog about them soon before April ends. I barely touch the TV remote control anymore except for Saturday, I am slowly getting rid of my reading-newspaper-everyday habit which is not a good thing, I have sleeping deprived for 6 days a week except for Saturday night. I spent more than 10 hours everyday in uni. I reach before sun rise, I go home after sunset. Long break, when are you coming. :(

Just a lil' update, i guess we are done with our research proposal. Feeling insecure because others are still working on them. Thoughts on mind like maybe we didn't write enough, maybe we missed out something, maybe it's not good enough, so much insecure feeling on mind. :( I guess I just don't trust myself.

So, I have been spending time in library since class ended at 330 just now. Met my cousin in the washroom, what's weird that I always bump into her in the washroom, not other place. So she sat with me in the library and she ran away halfway because the guy sitting behind me took off his Birkenstock and his feet stinks wtf. There's still so many students over here doing their homework or doing revisions since hours ago. Am feeling very hungry already, in fact am always feeling hungry unless I lose my appetite.

Not sure what I wrote above. It's just another everydaystories. Till next time.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Page 104: Great Companions

Three of us haven't been eating lunch together for some time. Finally we got to eat together @Capricciosa. The food there are yummylicious and the portion is big. I just love how we take our time to eat and also talking session as usual. Lunch was awesome yesterday. Thankyou for being my best friends girls :) 

Graceey got herself an instagram and in less than 3 hours time, it was flooded by so many photos. I just need to print screen it out. hahaha! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Page 98: Klang Food Adventure

Ohey, finally I get to sit down and watch TV and browse browse all I can. Get up this morning without alarm clock is just blissfulness! This whole week has been very tiring going out early in the morning and coming home only after dinner. Sleeping deprivation! We had a replacement class yesterday for the next Wednesday since it's gonna be a public holiday. So after class, we headed off to Klang for food adventure. What was weird that we didn't went to Klang for their oh-so-famous-BKT, instead we were brought by Alvin to all sorts of places which we don't know where we were. From a vintage mamak shop beside the KTM to yummeh chicken rice to icey cendol to Jusco Bkt Tinggi to yummylicious steamboat and finally this Espress Cafe. Ate so much, you know what happened next. Complains about full and fat and this and that. Haha! Felt bad for pestering them to go back already since I have a curfew and I am so gonna get scolded by mom. Reached home at 1130 and thankgod my mom didn't scolded me just a lil' of sarcasm but it's fine. Receiving texts from friends who were concern if I got scolded by mum. Awwww! Am lovin them! :))) Here are some photos that I stole from the friends. Haha, I don't have a canggih phone you see to capture these pictures and I didn't brought my camera along. 

This pai-kut is so yummy!!! crispy and tasty! *droools 

Cendol to quench thirst. 

Steamboat! Didn't eat much after all the food consuming non-stop.