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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Me and My Morning w/o COFFEE!

It's 952am right now, am sitting on the bench outside the Financial Services Department in the uni. Despite cafeteria and yellow bench are always crowded, I found this new love place with large tables and not so comfy benches but still fine to me. Reached uni @ 830 today after going through a massive jam for an hour. I just don't understand why is KL foreverjam when the roads are endless. Can anyone tell me why? It has been raining since I-don't-know-what-time making the road wet and causing the terrible jam. Had been reluctant to wake up that I snooze my alarm clock for 15 minutes because the weather is too good to leave the bed. Moreover, sleeping only at 2am and having to wake up at 6am is meh! 

Am taking a break from assignment. Yawning marathon has not stop you see. Am sitting right at the corner with the lappy on, charger plugged just like a #totalantisocial. Had been brainstorming since just now that I think it used up pretty much of my energy. It's always at this time my stomach decides to growl. I guess I am always hungry. So yeah, besides doing my assignment, I am also observing the people around me. 

Them. and their Study Habits. 

1. There's this girl sitting at the table in front of me had been really hardworking. She was here before me and she's wearing this black frame glass. Sit up straight and studying really hard. So serious that I don't think she moves at all while studying. Only once in awhile, she uses the stylus pen to click on her mobile. 

2. Then there's another girl sitting behind the table where the no.1 girl is sitting. She had her notes open up on the table. But nah, she has been clicking on her mobile typing away all the time. Talks on the phone once in a while. 

3. Here's another girl that just came and sit down. She had her laptop and books on the table. Typing away on her Blackberry and clicking on her ipod. Wooots all the techgadgets. 

4. 2 tables away from me there's this guy who was still reading his notes a moment ago, but yeah he's sleeping now. 

Alright, my #bff is here. Enough of observing spree. I am still hungry. Forever fact! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese Food

Am a major lover of chinese food or not to mentioned I love rice, but usually only gets to taste them with the big family back at hometown. That's because it's hard to order dishes when there's only 2 of us or 3 of us - 1 dishes would be too lil', 2 would be too lil too, 3 would be too much. Chinese food is also pretty expensive too if we go to the wrong ones. Hah! On Thursday while I was back at hometown, we went to this restaurant that we always visit everytime we go back. Ahhh, didn't take any photos of them since everyone was busy eating. Hahaha! So on Friday night, 3 of came back to KL and had chinese food for dinner. It was my 1st time there and the food was surprisingly yummy!!!

#1 Herbal Tea  RM 1.50

#2 Yummy and cheap satay! RM0.50/stick 

#3 Closer view of Satay! Sucha wrong time to post all these. But nvm! 

#4 There's a few types of vege inside as you can see. Haha! This is only RM10. 

#5 Yau Mak. One of my fav vege! RM 8.

#6 Tofu! RM14. 

Kedai Kopi Sin Seng Hin (Air-Cond)
No. 24144, Jalan Bukit Candan,
Batu 4 1/2, Off Jalan Ipoh, KL.

There's ample parking space provided so no worries about parking place. (: 
Alright. That's all. CNY holidays officially ended. Time to get back to the real world. Good Night world. :) Hope you are reading this post at a right time. Am really hungry now. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

It's gonna be the 7th CNY without you. You've been staying in heaven for 77th months, how are you doing up there. I know I haven't been talking to you a lot lately, in fact I couldn't remember when was the last time I talk to you. Daddy, am always afraid that one day I would forget your face, so I usually sit up on the bed at night before sleeping, thinking all about you, letting out the tears. Daddy, since you've gone, our reunion dinner had been a quiet one only spending with kor and mummy. There's no more steamboat like we usually had when you were here. We usually had vegetarian food for reunion dinner that were offered to you for prayers in the morning. I remember there's once we bought three boxes of dinner set from KFC, and each of us had one and that's our reunion dinner. That was real fun, finger lickin good KFC for reunion dinner. Mummy no longer washed/cleaned the house till minutes striked 12am to CNY anymore like we always did because I have learned how to help out with all the housework. It was stressful those days right? haha! Daddy, am sure you are proud with me since your lil' girl had learned how to do housework. Ahh, I remember those days you kept complaining to your sisters (my aunts) bout how me as a girl but never do any housework. But now, after having reunion dinner, we would relax on the couch watching the television on CNY countdown. Most of the time, me and kor would be lying on the couch till midnight since there's this saying that children should stay up as late as possible during the CNY eve to ensure that their parents' longevity. Not sure how true it is but me and kor would try to stay up as late as possible. As usual, mummy would dozed off while watching tv and went to bed the moment the clock strike 12am. Daddy, since you've left, CNY is no fun anymore. I don't really get or understand all the hype about decorating the house, buying endless new stuff and spending lotsa money just for the festival. I find it wasting money instead. Just a simple one will do. I don't find it as meaningful as I find it last time. It's just different without you. This year, it would still be a quiet one but I know you will always be with us. Happy CNY Daddy! 

Love you always & forever, 
your lil' girl. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear 2012.

Have you ever wake up in tears, feeling that pain in your heart that something is pressuring on you. I woke up from a nightmare yesterday, cannot remember the exact stories that had been playing on my mind while am sleeping, but it's so real that it's all about the people surrounding me - my friends and my family. I woke up in tears feeling a pain in my heart as if something is pressing on me. All the negative thoughts came flooded my mind making me suffocating from crying. I haven't really bade 2011 goodbye, and it's already the 10th day of 2012. 2011 had not been the greatest of the years, in fact it can be considered as some lowest point of my years. It's been a rocky year where everything was a challenge. My twitter which is my daily ranting place was filled with all kinds of depressing tweets on and off. The 2012 has not started good so far. I only want some happiness this year. Is that too much to ask? Being a pessimist, flooding with negative thoughts to my friends 7/24, I am the type of friend you would wish to avoid. Am really glad that I have a few friends that are always here for me and support me thou they never know what exactly happened everytime I go emo. Thankyou so much for you know who you are. Uncertainties are the biggest nightmares for me. I just want 2012 to start afresh, it's a new journey ahead.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spontaneous Escapades

Being the one to celebrate birthday and also new year eve on the same day in the year, she's the lucky one to be the youngest among all of us. I mentioned that "that means imma get wrinkles before her". Let's hope that will never happened. No wrinkles till we grow really old okay! So on the 30th of Dec, we celebrated her birthday 1 day in advance. :) Let's see how the day went. 

#1 We went IKEA early in the morning, not that early but still around 1130am kinda early kan? Okay nvm that matter, the birthday girl was craving for meatballs. So we had our brunch there. Set timer and took plenty of similar picture like above for many times, and the couple I assumed sitting next to our table couldn't stop staring at us. Meh. No privacy. Oh yeah forgot to mention about how crowded it was and the long queue again. Everyday the queue is long. 

#2 Traffic crawling. We were on our way to Sepang Gold Coast. It's a spontaneous plan, since we plan to go to Pavilion after IKEA. But yeah, planned changed. We headed to some isolated place where 4 of us never been to according to the trustful iphone's GPS. We managed to reach there in one piece. :DDD

#3 This was what happened with us in the car, and the traffic was like the picture #2 above. 

#3 Then, we reached this small town where we don't know where we were exact. But the signboard showed it's Sungai Pelek. Went into this mini market and got ourselves some drinks and junk food. We even had a picture of us with signboard as the background, and yeah people stopped and stared at us like we were a bunch of weirdos never seen signboard before. 

#4 Finally we saw this sign, MUST TAKE! To show this was where we were heading to. 

#5 We saw cows crossing the roads, then more cows over here (i meant the picture). Stopped in the middle of the road #likeaboss, of course there's no car behind and snapped picture of them. *faster take, cows!!!* That's how we reacted like jakuns never seen cows before. That was fun! We got excited about seeing cows. 

#6 Yay! The destination. We tried to enter the resort but meh, the security was tight. Only those intended to check in or the current residents are allow. Meh twice. 

#7 We met this old couple, must emphasised old if not might be mistaken as young couple. I just need to. Well, they were very friendly. Helped us to take our #don'tknowhowmanytimes of jump shot. Talked to them a bit, they told us where they live in Taiwan and all that. Awesome! 

#7 Birthday girl with the cupcakes from Cupcake Chic. 

#8 A closer look of the cupcakes. It's a bit messed up coz we brought it from Ikea, through the traffic jam and to the beach. 

#9 We set timer again you see. HEE!!! 

#10 So coincidence met a high school friend whom I haven't met for 3 years (since graduated). They were camping over there. Soooo happy to see her there :D Say WEEE, I say YAY! 

#11 The girls and jumpshot! Spell A.W.E.S.O.M.E. 

#12 Instax film that we took on that day. Ahhh, 5 years friendship and still going strong. Love you gals loads and we did have loads of fun that day! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Went to Pavilion the day after we came back from S'pore because I was complaining I haven't see the Christmas decoration @ Pavilion. So we went there by monorail. Pavilion was surrounded by 147 United Buddy Bears. So attracting!

#1 Clothes we got from H&M. 

#2 The outfit. 

#3 Wan-tan mee for lunch! Yummeh! 

#4 The oh-so-famous Pavilion. 

#5 The united buddy bears promote living together in peace and harmony, so yeah that's me with my Asian pose : PEACE. 

#6 More united bears! 

#7 and more. 

#8 The Statue of Liberty United Bear. 

#9 The must-take picture. 

#10 Random shot. 

Last day In S'pore land : The Shopping Day.

Since our bus was at 7pm, we managed to do some shopping during the day. I think we went through almost all the malls along Orchard Road! Went to H&M again and managed to buy something. Wanted to go in Abercrombie & Fitch, but the queue to get into the store was really long : 3 rows long. Went home fruitful, managed to get clothes and a bag for mom. :))) *happiness*

#1 The Elephant Parade along Orchard Road. 

#2 The Range Rover Evoque. Ahhh gorgeous! 

#3 Outside ION Orchard. 

#4 The elephants! 

#5 We did this! 

#6 Our favorite Christmas tree outside Paragon. 

#7 My favourite mall!!! :))) 

Last year was my 2nd time to S'pore, this year was the 3rd time. I fall in love with the city every time I go there. The place, the city skyline, the people, the public transport, the shopping malls. I love everything about S'pore. People telling me it's not that great as what I think. But still another friend told me my opinion is the most important regardless of what people say. Am lovin' S'pore! I had fun during the days staying in S'pore, thanks to the uncle and aunty's great hospitality. I had a great stay and an awesome Christmas celebration. S'pore has never fail to amaze me, am certainly going back to this city over and over again. :D 

3rd day in S'pore land : The Christmas Day!

On the Christmas Day, the initial plan was to Vivo City for a movie because it was raining in the morning, so the universal studio plan kinda delay to the next day. Went over to VivoCity Mall, all movie tickets were sold out. Everyone was watching movie that day I guess. Hah! So we decided to go to Universal Studio. 1st ride was Transformers: The Ride, it's the 1st at Universal Studios S'pore then at Universal Studios Hollywood which they are still building it. The 3D ride was very cool, sat in Autobot, then  race through the city, then there's this spark where you can feel the heat. Queue for an hour half for this 4 and a half minute ride. But it's all worth it. Went for a few rides after that and we queued for an hour on average for each ride or show. Meh! Why so crowded on a Christmas Day. That day was really exhausting. 2nd time to Universal Studios S'pore, last year I managed to get in for the after hour only. This year I get to go for the rides. Awesome! 

#1 Lovin this walking path from VivoCity Mall to Sentosa. I haven't had enough with this place. Want to go back this place soooo badly! 

#2 The entrance! 

#3 The Brown Derby Hat Shop. There are many different types of hats for people to try on and take picture with it. 

#4 That's a Chevrolet Camaro. Gorgeous! 

#5 That's a life-sized Bumblebee. Real robot I tell you! 

#6 It's that crowded. Can't breath again. lol. 

#7 The far far away palace. 

#8 Christmas Trees! 

#9 Broadway! 

#10 Random shot. 

#11 Christmas Caroling. Beautiful voices! 

#12 The bottom picture was when we were queuing for the Madagascar ride. Long queue again. 

#13 Street-dance/hip-hop performance. 

#14 Picture with the King Julien XIII. Adorable! 

#15 We had dinner @ this Loui's NY Pizza Parlour. Very American-feeling. 

#16 The huge-6-slices Hawaiian Pizza. Indescribably yummy! 

#17 Made the cousiee did these while waiting for the food. Haha! Adorable huh! 

#18 The 1st picture was cousiee with Betty Boop! hee!!! 

What a day. That's all about my 3rd day in S'pore land.