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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

That's the masterpiece of my mom's. Looked at those huge round glutinous rice balls. Oh well, although am from a chinese school, I don't really know what's the meaning behind all these tradition. Haha #fail. 

HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE PEOPLE! enjoy eating those huge/colourful/round yummy glutinous rice balls :)

She. and the Birthday Surprise.

2 days ago - 20th to be exact. It was my #bff's birthday. The plan didn't really went like how we planned it exactly, but still it's a success *pop the champagne? YEAH*. It was a simple dinner @ TGIF with our friends. Let me simplified the surprise part, the #bff thought the boyfie wouldn't be celebrating the birthday with her since he was only coming back from a vacation on the 20th itself. But still HAHAHAHAHA, happiness was in the air that night. :') Anyway, I think she had fun and she deserves all that happiness *wink* 

This was what I posted on her fb wall :

"Hello dearie, you have been the one that I hang out everyday since college days striked off the weekends of course. It feels different if there's one day without you in uni. You are one of the friends that genuinely cares for me. Whenever I am sad, you always try to comfort me and be there for me. You helped me in my assignments whenever I am lost. You helped me in my homeworks despite me being slow in understanding. You came to fetch me whenever I don't have transport. I am glad that I have you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! ♥ If you are feeling unhappy, I will always be there for you just like how you did. #BFF" 

I really mean it from the bottom of my heart. I hope you enjoyed the birthday dinner. You are one awesome friend that I cannot afford to lose. 

#1 Complimentary brownie from TGIF and a piece of cake from Secret Recipe. 

#2 Drinks that cost a bomb. 

#3 FOOD? Don't ask me what's the name. I have no idea. Ha-Ha!

#4 Alright, don't ask me the names. 

#5 Unimates. 

#6  Complimentary brownie from TGIF and a piece of cake from Secret Recipe.

#7 Birthday girl with da family :D 

#8 Birthday girl with the friends. 

#9 Birthday girl with the unimates <3 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. xoxo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

City Skyline.

Been going out for the whole day during these 3 days of holidays. Sucha good therapy that stopped me from over thinking and getting myself stress up. The Christmas atmosphere in the malls are awesome! Decoration, caroling, the crowd, the Christmas packing that almost every shop offers. Ahhh, year-end-shopping is the best thing that happened in a year. So I went MidValley this morning with mom for Christmas pressie shopping. We managed to get some pretty stuff. But the crowd in MidValley was really scarily, as if the whole world was there. I can barely breath with the amount of people. So yeah, then we went off from MidValley and went to KLCC. The crowd in KLCC was equally scary. Alright, it seemed like the whole world was out to the malls for shopping. Lovin KlCC because of the building. Since I don't get to go KLCC often, I fall in love with the building more every time I go there. I know this sounds weird. But yeah. I've always like skyscraper. I used to have KLCC and KL Tower view from my balcony at my previous home. Awww. I am obsess with city skyline. #justtelling  

Barbeque Party

Hey, so I went to a bbq party at Irene's house on Saturday. The barbeque party was great of course with the people but not to mentioned I suffer from stomachache. (: 

#1 FOOD! 

#2 FOOD. again. 

#3 Preparing-session.

#4 Woohooo! Time for barbeque. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The day spent with unimates

Hello. So everything came to an end. I felt even depress ever. All the fake smiles I had put on my face, I am feeling guilty. Spent the whole day at Midvalley today, had some tea-break with a friend and a new friend. The friend likes how I giggle so much. Oh well, I was thinking if that's genuine. Because I don't know myself anymore. So yeah, went to Ikea after the last paper with them for the sake of Ikea meatballs. Oh well, watched Alvin and the Chipmunk 3. The story plot was kinda normal, but still the chipmunks are the lovely ones! Managed to walk around and shopped a bit with the galfriends. Attended this ICAEW students party in the evening. Oh well, didn't get to mingle around because everyone seemed to know each other, and we the few just hanging around with each other. haha, okay that's pretty boring. Tiring day especially when I had sleeping deprived for 2 whole weeks. But still the unimates companions are always awesome. I woke up today in shocked thought that I was late for exam and all "shit. late already, i am gonna dai". What a morning. Pictures! Wasn't thinking of blogging but yeah, influenced by Frau. Ha! Oh and I got to hang out with the unimates at my fav mall. That's love. 

#1 Christmas deco @ The Curve. 

#2 The galfriends. 

#3 Christmas tree @ The Street

#4 Long queue at Ikea during lunch hour on a THURSDAY! meh. 

#5 The oh-so-famous Ikea meatballs. 

#6 Group photo after the movie. and yes it's Alvin and the Chipmunk behind. 

#7 Entrance ticket for the ICAEW students party. Funky is the theme.

#8 Woots. 

#9 The girls. Us. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unerasable Thoughts

Hello Sunday, I am still a very much negative thinker. Oh well, I am pretty sure you are sick of my emo-ness, I just can't help myself. This will lasts for a very long period. Everytime I close my eyes, I think about that. The negative thoughts are dominant that when I try to think of happy things, it became unhappy. Till then.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

When being happy ain't easy anymore

Hey there, writing like a total pessimist today. Negative thoughts have been flooded my mind since forever. Today, I woke up with the thought of I don't deserve to be happy. Anxiety has been living inside me and I find it hard to get rid of the worrying thoughts. My best friends have been very supportive and encouraging. Still, I couldn't stop myself from being a negative thinker. It's like a habit that I pick up since sometime ago and I will take forever to get rid of it.

I guess most of you have heard all these sayings about "Don't worry, be happy" // "If you want to be happy, then be". Reality hurts like a bang, it ain't easy not to worry and just be happy if we want. You just can't simply put on a smile if you don't feel so, faking a smile sometimes seems harder than ever. The truth is there will be no sunshine everyday. I understand that as cliche as it sounds like, it's life that we have to go through all sorts of ups and downs, and that's how we learn to grow up. However, picking up the broken pieces ain't easy. Even if it's a broken mirror that you try to fix it back, it can no longer be the same perfect mirror anymore.

Sometimes, I just think. Maybe I don't deserve to be happy. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hey, I desperately need to update my blog because it's the last day of November and it's already 1147pm. ohhh noooo.

So yeah, told ya it's a desperate post. Am in a confused mode. Confused about who am I, what am I doing, why am I here, why did I done that. Thoughts - Tangled. I guess I had some serious brain fried. Fear. Insecurities. Confused. Everything came at once. Enough said.

1st half of December gonna be tough, wish me luck? I need confidence.

Random rabbit spotted in Robinson. This has nothing to do with this post. But I just need a photo desperately to end my confused post. Good Night November. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pictures : The Gardens Mall.

Alright, I couldn't resist from updating another post in the midst of doing notes for Company Law. The uncle and family came down few weeks ago. That was when I get to spend whole day in MidValley everytime when they come down to KL. Some random photos I took. :)

#1 Celebrated Kara's birthday in the hotel room with their friends. The chocolate cake was rich, couldn't finished the whole piece. The kids had loads of fun with all the gadgets. Awesome celebration! 

#2 The kids spent their evening playing this memory game. Competing with each other to see who get to memorize the most. Love this game! 

#3 Uncle's toy. The Nikon D7000. Cool one. 

#4 Spot Cookie Monster in Robinson's toy section. haha! Ahh, I missed watching Sesame Street. Childhood times. 

#5 All the shops closed sharp at 10pm. I think that's pretty early to close at 10pm during weekends. They should consider extend to 11pm. Just a suggestion. 

#6 Lovin the atmosphere at The Gardens, just like how I love the atmosphere at The Curve. ahhh, my favourite malls. 

#7 Random. Lovin all the shops' design. Attractive. 

Seriously. That's all for today. I blogged few times at once when the mood comes, but none for months when there isn't any mood. 

Jumbled Up.

Hi, am on study break. I guess I got too bored of studying so I decided to update a short post. :)

#1 Haven’t been updating for quite some time. Assignments took up all my time. But still we managed to have some fun too. My unimates rocks striked off all the unnecessary drama thou. Had McD breakfast with my beloved happy therapy - Frauline. We are lovin the breakfast set. Haven’t had the chance to meet up and have McD breakfast again thou we are in the same uni. Life is indeed busy.

#2 Had lunch @ Ayam Penyet for the 1st time with Khairul & Laveenia during break time. Muhibbah yo! The food was delicious. I tried the catfish, crispy and yummy.

#3 Ghirardelli Chocolate from U.S. Am eating one a day. Is there any phrase that sounds like that "A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away?" 

#4 Pavlova from Delicious. Haven't try this thou. We bought this as a small celebration for something special. :))) ahhh happiness. Oh well, Yee Wei introduced me this dessert during one fine midnight. MIDNIGHT! We were google-ing dessert in the midnight. Thanks to her for making my stomach suffer that night. 

Oh well. That's all for now. Just an update what happened these few weeks. Yet to update bout the Sunway BIS-Maybank-MoneytreeExchange thou. Time to get back to books.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Reputation or Character.

"Worry about your character, not your reputation; 
because your character is who you are, 
your reputation is who people think you are."

I really need to learn this. In fact, am confuse with myself. Nuff said. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am in a mess.

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m okay. What am I supposed to tell them? No, I’m not okay. And then what? So I just smile and say that I’m fine, even though I’m really dying on the inside.

- (via eletheowl)

I came across this sayings and I find it very true. Very often when I am feeling down, people will come and ask if i'm okay. Usually, the typical answer will be I'm fine because you know even if you tell them I'm not, there will not be a solution. Most of the time, i find myself having difficulties in expressing my feelings. I don't know why am I feeling sad, maybe I know, but I just don't want it to be so. I know I am weird. So I keep them inside, i started feeling grumpy, irritated, annoying with everything. I got that emo look. I don't feel like talking. Whenever it started to take a toll on me, I am on the edge of breaking down. I control myself, because I know that's not a right thing to break down in the public. Sometimes, I think I am not friendly. I told one of my cousin about that, he told me to be myself as it sounds cliche. I try to, but the fact is that I mind about what people see in me. I think I am trapped in my own mind. I cared about too much thing even in what people think of me. Insecure, that could perfectly describe me. Perhaps, someday, I would learn how to pour out all I am feeling to people that I trust, so that they could understand how I feel. Someday. Just not now.

It's 230am, had been yakking with Wan Ping. I guess it's time for bed. Good Night. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Night Time Reflection.

People that you talked to everyday, sharing the laughter/sadness/gossip and hang out everyday. It used to be like that. Until misunderstandings happened and things cannot be explain anymore. You know that is when there is a twist in the friendship. Then what happened next is that both of you are no longer on talking terms. It's all back to strangers again. Everything became "it used to be". How sad is this. Walking away is never something positive. It meant to leave the good memories with a bad ending. Someday, you might get close to that person again. But things will never be the same again.


This whole post don't make sense. Don't bother to waste your time reading this post :) 

I have this habit of sleeping till around 10am if there's no class. That is why I love the weekends so much! I could sleep late at night and wake up without alarm. Best feeling ever. Alarm clock is the most irritating things ever. Bet everyone would agree with that. Having to wake up at 6am every morning reminds me of the primary school days and also high school days. Thinking back how I had been waking up extremely early to catch the school bus, sitting in the classroom for 6 hours a day with 20 mins break in between. I still couldn't believe how I got through that. During the high school days, I have to wake up at 530am, well some of my friends need to wake up at freaking 5am. Who wakes up so early?! Imagine if we stay up till 12am, that means everyday you get 5 hours of sleep only. But yeah, that's not the main problem. You could always sleep earlier. But which teenagers would sleep early if they don't have that habit. I think I had some sleeping deprivation problems for the whole 11 years of school days. Alright, that's a bit exaggerating. I still couldn't sleep early these days. We need to wake up early for the rest of our years!!! That was why we were trained to have early classes since we were young. Meh. Then when we got married and had kids, we have to wake up even earlier to make breakfast, to send them off to school. That's what I seen from the neigbours. Every morning I wake up at 6 to feed my dog, the neighbor's parents would send their kids to school saying goodbye and goodluck to their kids. I think I am thinking too far about this waking up early problem. I should just cherish these few years and sleep away the weekends. These problems are not problems. It's just a matter of habit. Someday I will get used to it, or probably I am used to waking up early already. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Difficult Week I Said.

Conflict. It's ridiculous if we apologize. I don't like conflict. It's not some kind of healthy conflict where people have different opinions, you just need to voice out your opinions and see which point make more sense. But no, it's some conflict on ridiculous unnecessary stuff. Meh! It's not a big deal, so why make it so complicated. Some fear has been built up. I don't like having to be careful or aware of anything everything. It's a torture. I am allowing myself to become two-faced person.

Frustrating week. Conflict. Got a major headache on the 1st day of class. Had brain fried, mentally tired from uni.

Assignments due. Lack of sleep for the whole week because assignment was due yesterday. Having stomach upset that I went to the washroom for 7 times in the morning. What I had was just a can of coffee in the morning, and I got this awful stomach upset.

Attended talk. CIMB talk by the Deputy CEO of CIMB about Financial Market. I quote this from him "there is no substitute for hardwork". I believe that as long as we work hard, we could always catch up. The slides presented weren't that inspiring, because I am kinda lost with all the jargons used. But the question and answer session was really awesome. Inspiring. :) Had dinner for the 1st time with the unimates was yesterday.

Today. It's a great day. Woke up at 6am thinking of preparing to go uni. Kinda forget that there's no class today. NO uni, just TV, laptop and couch. and Sleep. We all really need that sleep. That's guilty enough. Needa do work tomorrow.

Movie. Lunch.

Hey, sorry the previous post I wrote I am back. Apparently I still slack in blogging. Sem break is over, and this is the only outing with unimates during the break. How pathetic. Went Tropicana Mall with them to watch Johnny English. 10 people in the cinema, but laughing like there's 100 people. Sorry, that sounds a bit exaggerating. But yeah, the movie storyline is simple. It's Rowan Atkinson that is superb awesome. Having problem which restaurant to have lunch. That's a daily problem. Then it's arcade. Meh, arcade is really not my kind of thing. but hey! I definitely enjoyed the companions. :)

That's me and my hair back then. Because I chopped some off and got a weird fringe. 

Them. Happily racing together. 

Chocolates! Souvenir from a friend that came back from Langkawi. The Ferrero Rondnoir. :) 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hey, I am back.

So I am back to blogging. It's the semester break now, and I haven't been blogging for 2 months now. There's just too many things had happened in this period of time. Everything had fallen apart. Nothing to look forward everyday. Life is a total dull. It's only tears. Flowing down so easily anytime, crying myself to bed every night. My tweets were emo everyday. I was devastated. I felt like I've lost something that had been part of me. Faking a smile seems harder than ever. Now that I am slowly picking up the pieces. Because I know there's nothing I can do to get it back to original, it had become a past now. Life still moves on as it still sound cliche. I don't know. I just don't know. anymore.

SUBS Inaugural Ball

Attended the first ball in my life. It's the SUBS inaugural ball held at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Didn't wanna go at 1st because I was so broke and am still broke and the entrance ticket cost about 110 myr. My lovely unimates decided to pay for me as my early 21st birthday present. How sweet. But that also means that I wouldn't get any present next year. Meh. Almost all the unimates attended the ball. It was one great event and the lecturers' performance was awesome. Great night indeed. :)))

#1 Above: That's all the awesome lecturers in their superhero costumes! 
#2 Below: Our table. The theme was Hollywood you see. 

#3 right bottom : James Chuar (The most popular Year 2 student) Woohoo! 

#4 The August'10 Batch. Us. 

#5  Grace and Lavee. 

#6 The Xiegls sweetheart. 

#7 Bottom : Poyo! 

Monday, August 8, 2011


Healthy food yo! Mum made salad for dinner yesterday night.

Purple Cabbage

Simple and yummy! Potato is a must, it's an additional points to the salad. So yeah, very random post. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday night.

Went to midvalley with mum for some shopping. Somehow, we reached there kinda late, so we went for dinner instead. Tried out Ying Ker Lou @ The Gardens Mall which serves Hakka cuisine.

The interior and exterior are quite unique. It gives a back to kampung feel. 

Hakka Pounded Tea. This is mum's all time favourite. Healthy food yo! She commented that the tea here is much more better than those that she had tried. 

I tried the handmade pan mee which is also my favourite. I can't live without pan mee you see. hah! This is also the best I've tried so far. It's smooth and it's thin! Unlike some others pan mee, the flour noodles are very thick. 

So yeah, overall thumbs up for the food and the prices are quite reasonable. The food came kinda slow because it's a Saturday night and there's so many people, but the waiter and waitress are very friendly. Will definitely pay another visit to this restaurant and try some other food they serve. :)