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Monday, July 23, 2012

Page 198: Elaine's Birthday

Last Wednesday, we celebrated Elaine's belated birthday since her birthday falls on the exam week. I had a difficult time getting her to decide what to eat and where to eat. From burger to japanese food to bbq chicken to food court to mamak shop. So we managed to narrow down to burger but there's another problem to choosing where to eat. This girl is so choosy that she said if the burger restaurant that we are going to don't serve juicy yummy burger, she would regret. So much nonsense from this girl. I was having a hard time. Haha! I almost made a decision that we should go to the food court where we could order any food, every food that she wants to eat. So finally, The Daily Grind @ BV it is. Then on that day, I told everyone dinner would be at 6pm. But yeah, got scolded during the whole journey there by Lavee. She was scolding me for my lousy time management that I ruined her punctual reputation by making her late. hahahha! Both of us reached the latest and as usual I got scolded again. hahaha!!! So used to getting scolded by friends that I don't know how I survive without them. We had an awesome dinner with yummy-juicy-licious burger, great pictures taking time and also most importantly the time spent together. There's not always a time like that where we got together just to have a nice dinner. Precious moment. :) Loving all of them to infinity! No idea why the burger pictures all all so blurred below. Sigh. But yeah, we ordered 5 different types of burger and the red velvet cake was so so so delicious, the most delicious cake ever! Am so gonna go back to The Daily Grind for next nom nom session. 


Friday, July 20, 2012

Page 195: KL Adventure

On Monday, 3 of us went KLCC & Pavilion. Lavee was very excited, it was her 1st time to Pavilion. At first, we were planning to park the cars at Kelana Jaya but the parking was full so we had no choice but to go all the way to KL Sentral and took LRT to KLCC. Did so much walking that day. Had lunch in Ben's and tea time at Starbucks. It was all just walking, eating, talking, and seeing. Much fun because I love my 2 friends the most! Spent like 2 hours in the jam on the way home, the oh-so-famous-ldp-jam. Or more than 2 hours, I couldn't remember anymore. 

#1 The-tourist-way! 

 #2 Table-topics. 

#3 Him & his poyo look. Zzzz. 

#4 My pretty lavee! 

#5 Mushroom lasagna. 

#6 Cozy Cheese Sandwich (something like that) 

#7 Aglio Olio. Simple yet delicious. (Y)

#8 Happy girl with her cupcakes. If it's chocolate *time to run away from her

#9 Oh great, it was chocolate D:  

#10 Pavilion-tourist-picture. 


Page 195: One fine Sunday

Following on the Sunday, the next day after Paradigm Mall. Was invited to Grace's sister's graduation @UCSI. Nothing much but taking photos, meeting up with classmate and food. I have no idea why my blog posts are all about food. D: Congratulations again Doreen! :))) 


Page 195: Paradigm Mall

Went Paradigm Mall the next day after exam. 1st time in the mall and it's freaking cold inside. Had a difficult time choosing what to eat and since we had no idea where are the restaurants and all. We went floor by floor to explore. lol. So we went to try out the food in Kungfu Paradise. The restaurant has this bright orange-themed and it was kinda like kim gary/wong kok type of restaurant. The setting inside is kinda like a fast food shop. haha! But yeah the food was yummeh, and I couldn't finish my food. How contradict is that. Blame it on my appetite. Still, it's yummy-licious. Good food. Good companion. Happy Stomach :) 

#1 Some bun that I never try. 

#2 Cheese-baked-rice chicken cutlet. 

#3 Cheese-baked-rice with chicken chop and fish fillet

#4 Food. 

Page 195: Birthday #1 for the month

It's the time for me to update all the outdated events. On the 4th of July, all the unimates were invited to our lovable Yee Wei's 21st birthday party @Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. We were in the midst of study break, and everyone took the opportunity to dress up and have fun and relax taking a break from textbooks that night. Nice place, nice environment, good food, awesome people and silly game. The theme was neon color, it's pretty colorful that night with everyone wearing all sorts of striking color. 

#1 The guys were terrible indeed, buying dumbbell as one of the pressie. You know what that's mean. -__-
They are sucha meanie. 

#2 The set up. Sooo nais! 

#3 The food served was really yummylicious. Oh nom nom like a happy girl! 

#4 Look at the dessert! *melts! 

#5 I want more more more kuihs! 

#6 I find this watermelon carving amazing indeed! Awesomest stuff/food! 

#7 Our sweetest and lovable girl! She and her obsession with dessert. I am already very thankful if she would stopped being so random sending pictures/links of cupcakes, cakes, ice-cream in the midnight to me. 

#8 The-Birthday-cake 

#9 The guys in the class. 

The girls in the class. Haha. 

Awesome night. Awesome birthday. Great one. xx 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Page 183

On friday, me and mum couldn't decide what to eat for dinner. What to eat is forever a problem. D: and we came across this restaurant, pretty attracted by the frontage of the restaurant and so we went in. Amazed with the interior, very homely ambience and vintage much. Those photo frames, those furniture, those tea set. Thought wanna have penang hawker food for din din, only to find out that they only serve the hawker food during lunch time from 12pm-3pm. So we went ahead ordering the homemade tofu and kangkung belacan. The homemade tofu tasted uniquely, some taste that I couldn't describe. But the texture was good. Crispy and soft. I pretty like the kangkung belacan. Yummeh! Needa go back there sometime later to give the penang hawker food a try. 

Penang Hawker Food & Nyonya Cuisine @ The Wok Cafe

So today, my mood changes every minute. How scary is that. But waking up to a good morning text from the bff and also a good afternoon text from a friend made my day. They are awesome! :DDD Am turning into a lack of attention, demanding girl this week. I wonder how. But please bear with me. Attached. Pampered and spoilt isn't it. 

Happy Monday. Monday blues is really eeeek D: 
Till then. x