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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Page 315: These Days.

These Days. Besides attending classes & stressing out for assignments, I've been eating too good. In fact, my awesome unimates are feeding me with too much of good food. The visuals shall explain all.

Tao Buffet @Sunway Giza. Was treated by a gang of unimates. First time there and had been hearing so much good review from the unimates. Ended up the food served was really good, only thing that the sushi's rice was quite un-delicious that day. The rest of the food was yummylicious. (Y) 

I think my love for sashimi has been increasing. Couldn't have enough of it. 

Look at these sushi! So tempting.

Karaoke session with the bff. An impromptu one. 

Another buffet @Shogun courtesy of a friend. Zomg, literally fat dai me. Shogun served the best sushi ever! Couldn't get enough of it. Want moreee of them! 

A special day treat @ Chilli's. Western food is always very filling. 

Starbucks's Christmas drinks - Toffee Nut Latte. It felt so nice having cuppa Starbucks during rainy season. Christmas is around the corner - my fav season of the year! Awww, finally it's coming :DDD. 

Tried out the famous burgers @myBurgerLab. zomg, the queue. We reached there @5pm and having to queue and waiting for an hour only to get our burgers. 

Charcoal bread used to made the burgers. and the fries are different from those that we ate at fast food restaurant. The sauce tasted different too. The burgers are yummeh but I still think this place is overrated. 

Dinner @Sushi Zanmai (the all time fav) one fine day after my interview session. Good food, happy me! 

Dinner @Ole-ole Bali which served really huge portion and yummy Indonesian Cuisine. Was there again yesterday night to celebrate the classmate's birthday. The ambience is really good with the dim lights and candles.

Participated my very 1st marathon with the unimates. It was a charity marathon where we had to run for 7km. Oh, I walked 7km thou. That was my healthiest Sunday Morning ever. Sweating out and then having Sunday breakfast with unimates. Awesomest feeling! 

To end the post. I think I've gone narcissistic. Bombarding the friend's iphone with so many of my self-take photos. Hahaha! I am having so much good time. Also to receive lovely pressie that was being hide in a dashboard, so innovative -___-. Unimates! Thank you for feeding me with so many good food and happy moments! I feel loved. I am happy. :D 

Till next time :) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Page 302: Sunday Morning Breakfast

The bff's sent me text early in the morning waking me up. Asked her to send me tarts to compensate me for waking me up as early as 8am on a Sunday morning, she shoo-ed me back to sleep when I couldn't sleep anymore. Double triple meh. Went to the mall with mumsie love since she wants to go to the health expo thingy. Went to papparich for breakfast with the mumsie love. Ahhh, half-boiled eggs (my fav) tasted so good and pappa naan for breakfast. I can have my daily dose of half-boiled eggs today. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Page 301: Because the fact is I love food.

So this afternoon, I went out on a lunchie date with the bff. It's my 2nd time there where this restaurant is unique as they transported all the famous penang food down to here on a daily basis. This means that we can have authentic penang food without traveling all the way there. So awesome it is! This time here I realized they changed the menu, and it's the famous wall painting of Ernest Zacharevic - "Little Children on a Bicycle". 

My duck meat koay teow th'ng from the Cecil Street. I love eating koay teow soup but I couldn't seem to find any over here where I only get to eat them when I am back at grandma's place. 

The bff's Lorong Selamat's Asam Laksa. 



If you are craving for the all time delicious Penang food, you can always drop by this restaurant without traveling all the way to Penang. http://penang-one.com/Home.php


Went to Taiwan Dami for dinner with mumsie love. It's my first time here and they served varieties of food from lamen --> noodle --> rice ---> western food all at a reasonable price. The food tasted not bad thou. Imma go again next time. 

Mumsie's garlic chicken rice. 

My Shihlin Crispy Chicken Rice. 

Because the fact is I love to eat. and food seems to be a kind of happiness.