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Monday, September 24, 2012

Page 261: Small Lil' Things

I have always thought am someone that could express myself and sometimes I just think I took things too easily. I have always thought that I could just be happy, sad, angry or numb whenever I want and I could express them out so that people would know how I feel. I thought it's just so simple to tell someone thank you for making me happy. It is. Indeed. I thought it's just so simple to tell someone i am sad. I thought it's just so simple to just confront people that make me angry. I thought it's just so simple to just saying I like this and I don't like that.I thought I am just so straight-forward like that and I thought things are this simple that once I said it out, everything could be solved. I guess am wrong, I don't know myself at all. I get so into it and I get very upset. I spend time thinking about it, I asked around about it, I would still find myself trap inside. It's not easy at all. My friend once told me I take things too easily, and everything is complicated. It's not simple. at all. He told me things are naturally complicated, they are complicated. Sigh, am very confuse. I need to let it go. On a bright side, I still find small lil' things bring happiness to me. Something small but could still put a smile on my face. 

Chatime delivery from Chloe  

Ze friend's homemade mooncake. Aww  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Page 260: Choosing to believe

Dadali - Disaat Aku Mencintaimu #nowplaying

That day I was in the friend's car and his car has loads of emo love songs and they are all old songs, wonder which era are those songs. So I asked him this question "Why is there forever love when nothing is permanent?" It's a contradict. People used to say forever love, for me I used to say infinity love. But at the same time, we also believe in nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. I am kinda confused or maybe am too free that I think so much. Fml. D: So he explained his interpretation that people do know nothing is permanent, but forever love is just something that a guy used to express his love to a girl and since it's widely used, it's kinda like a trend. I mean I accepted his explanation, people choose to believe when deep inside they do know nothing last forever. Today, I asked my bff the same question, and she told me that she believes in forever love and that people will live happily ever after. It's a matter of choosing to believe. We don't know what's the reality, since everyone will goes through different thing and everyone has their own story to tell. Sometimes, you would think maybe it's a matter or reality vs. virtual. Something that you have created inside you. You know it's not true, but you just think it will be like that. Ahh it's so confusing. I dislike myself for thinking so much and what more when there's no actual answer for this. Nevertheless, it's a good question to think about. Isn't it? It makes you redefined what's life to you. I have learned to find happiness just from small lil' things. Just like the coffee art, something so simple, so pretty, that could just put a smile on my face even by staring at the picture. :) 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Page 259: Series of happenings - Instagram

Ohaii, I haven't been updating since forever, almost a month ago? It has been a roller coaster 4 weeks. From extreme anxiety --> worry ---> relieved --> loads of outings ---> complications --> i guess it's back to kinda normal now? I hope so. Reading back all my backdated post, it's so depressing. Hopefully this post would enlightened my blog a bit. I can be sucha extreme pessimist thinking the world gonna end soon, but at the same time I can also be an extreme optimist. Am sucha contradiction. It's gonna be a visual diary bits and pieces from the friends' iphone, I used their iphone like mine. Hahaha! I scroll on their twitter, instagram and fb whenever I like. I have awesome friends! :DDD and i hope they know how much I treasure them. 

I don't know where to start. Just random pictures from here and there. 

Went to try Uncle Jang @Bandar Puteri for the 1st time with the unimates after class for lunch. Heard loads of good feedback therefore we decided to go there for a try. The Dak-Galbi turned out to be yummy especially with korean noodles, but a lil' spicy thou. Worth trying (Y).

Sharing an ice-cream on BR's pink day was :) Am ice-cream lover! 

Went to watch StepUp4 @KLCC, was so outdated. But still, we managed to watch the movie before it's not on the screens anymore. Ahh, that movie was the best movie I watched this year. Coffee art @En Ginza Cafe. Always wanted to give a try on this coffee art, thank you for bringing me there. Lovin that tea time moment. :) 

Went over to Klang the usual spot for steamboat to celebrate Alvin's 1st round of birthday celebration with a few unimates. It felt very good indeed not having to dip or do anything, just having to wait for food to be place on the plate. ahahaha! So nais being a girl. Awesome! 


Went over to Levain for lunch on a Saturday before heading over to Klang for Alvin's birthday party. Decided to go over to Levain since we have loads of time to kill. Look at the Macaroons, oh so lovely! Can't stop looking at them. They tasted extremely nais too! Not too sweet, smelling good. 

Us @ Levain. 


Our kinda cacated LOVE. 

Self-take photos with the #bff in the car. I ♥ this girl a lot. 

Went to Daorae @ Sunway Giza for dinner with a few of my pre-u mates. The service there was extremely good, best I ever seen and the ambience there was very nice indeed. Would visit this place again for the food, am lovin Korean food. Had so much fun teasing a friend that night. Awww so fun. :D 

Had an impromptu lunch ystd. and it's my favourite food. Ahh yummeh! So hungry right now. D:

and then we headed to Bukit Rimau to try out this shop that serves unique Gelato ice-cream. 

Gelato Lasagna that we ordered. Ahh lovin food a lot. Thanks to the #bff, I ate so much yesterday. rawrs :3

As I always said, companions are most important that determines the outing be it just a lunch or a dinner. Good companions, everything would be great! Am glad that my life is back in track. and am lovin all the people around me. Awww :') 

That's all for the updates. Till then.