-It's just a matter of getting used to it.-

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hey, I desperately need to update my blog because it's the last day of November and it's already 1147pm. ohhh noooo.

So yeah, told ya it's a desperate post. Am in a confused mode. Confused about who am I, what am I doing, why am I here, why did I done that. Thoughts - Tangled. I guess I had some serious brain fried. Fear. Insecurities. Confused. Everything came at once. Enough said.

1st half of December gonna be tough, wish me luck? I need confidence.

Random rabbit spotted in Robinson. This has nothing to do with this post. But I just need a photo desperately to end my confused post. Good Night November. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pictures : The Gardens Mall.

Alright, I couldn't resist from updating another post in the midst of doing notes for Company Law. The uncle and family came down few weeks ago. That was when I get to spend whole day in MidValley everytime when they come down to KL. Some random photos I took. :)

#1 Celebrated Kara's birthday in the hotel room with their friends. The chocolate cake was rich, couldn't finished the whole piece. The kids had loads of fun with all the gadgets. Awesome celebration! 

#2 The kids spent their evening playing this memory game. Competing with each other to see who get to memorize the most. Love this game! 

#3 Uncle's toy. The Nikon D7000. Cool one. 

#4 Spot Cookie Monster in Robinson's toy section. haha! Ahh, I missed watching Sesame Street. Childhood times. 

#5 All the shops closed sharp at 10pm. I think that's pretty early to close at 10pm during weekends. They should consider extend to 11pm. Just a suggestion. 

#6 Lovin the atmosphere at The Gardens, just like how I love the atmosphere at The Curve. ahhh, my favourite malls. 

#7 Random. Lovin all the shops' design. Attractive. 

Seriously. That's all for today. I blogged few times at once when the mood comes, but none for months when there isn't any mood. 

Jumbled Up.

Hi, am on study break. I guess I got too bored of studying so I decided to update a short post. :)

#1 Haven’t been updating for quite some time. Assignments took up all my time. But still we managed to have some fun too. My unimates rocks striked off all the unnecessary drama thou. Had McD breakfast with my beloved happy therapy - Frauline. We are lovin the breakfast set. Haven’t had the chance to meet up and have McD breakfast again thou we are in the same uni. Life is indeed busy.

#2 Had lunch @ Ayam Penyet for the 1st time with Khairul & Laveenia during break time. Muhibbah yo! The food was delicious. I tried the catfish, crispy and yummy.

#3 Ghirardelli Chocolate from U.S. Am eating one a day. Is there any phrase that sounds like that "A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away?" 

#4 Pavlova from Delicious. Haven't try this thou. We bought this as a small celebration for something special. :))) ahhh happiness. Oh well, Yee Wei introduced me this dessert during one fine midnight. MIDNIGHT! We were google-ing dessert in the midnight. Thanks to her for making my stomach suffer that night. 

Oh well. That's all for now. Just an update what happened these few weeks. Yet to update bout the Sunway BIS-Maybank-MoneytreeExchange thou. Time to get back to books.