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Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014| Work

Hey its a new year and its March already. I've got to revive my blog the place where i leave my thoughts in words that years later when i lost myself, i will still find myself here. 

A new year, a brand new chapter, and a whole loads of challenges ahead that are coming to me but not knowing what they are. Anticipating for the best to come but fear of the bad to deal with. D: 

Talking about my brand new chapter, my first career has been 83 days for now including weekends. I got an app to calculate that for me heh. Not sure how i landed in this job in this company. But so far its treating me good, not so sophisticated environment, i've a people-oriented hod which treats us like just her colleagues. A few youngsters just like me ahaha that we enjoy ourselves pretty much on food and also taking a break from working by hanging out at the pantry taking our time making coffee and milo sometimes even milo dinosaurs. Talking bout work, i do have stress days when i have overloaded work to
complete by the day itself but sometimes am just too free that i could just spend time on filing. Seeing that my job responsibilities have been increasing, am not fear of them just need to struggle and learn to master them. 

I've always wanted to work in the city since i move away from it during my pre-u days. I am longing to go back to the city where i used to see the twin towers so near from my balcony. Now that my dream kinda fulfilled, i am feeling so dreadful having to travel so far to work using various transportation just to get there. Travelling is so tiring already. But i guess i've adapted to it. 

Since the beginning of the career, there are already so many social events to join. From the 4 days orientation where we got to know other people from other states and branches and subsidiary, to Christmas dinner and gift exchange at Shangrila hotel to cny dinner with the top management. I guess i will never understand the Chinese national's mandarin. As much as i dislike reading in chinese, i still didnt know how i landed in this job. 

May this year will be a good year. Having mixed feeling actually so sad about the MH370. 

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