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Monday, June 24, 2013

#176: Arguments

Something like this will always happen. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" --> "I thought you knew about it".  Arguments tend to happen just because of the minor-est thing. and sometimes, 

miscommunication is the root of all arguments.

So I was a lil' angry with my significant other before dinner and I got so frustrated about it. I walked away hoping to clear my mind, and the next moment I was thinking it's not a big matter after all. In fact I realized that the reason that I am angry doesn't make sense at all. Why would I got myself so angry and frustrated just because we have different opinions. 

The thing about relationship is, we are still two different individuals, we have our own thinking and our own way of doing things. We might argue over the smallest, littlest, silliest things ever, which these are just something that helped us in understanding each other. At the same time, bringing two different minds into the same equilibrium. and these reasons made arguments into a good after effect in the end, we learned more bout ourselves and each other at the same time bringing us closer together. 

I was at the wrong, and I apologize immediately when I managed to cool things down. Things didn't got worst, and we had our dinner peacefully. Sometimes, arguments are good for relationship. These unhappiness might would just make two person understand each other better. Sometimes it's not the happy moments that build the relationship. The unhappy moments certainly do weigh a lot in it too. 

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