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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mid-Autumn Festival: High School Version

So right after my unimates mid-autumn festival version, I had another high school version in the weekends. We bought Wendy's chicken and nuggets and brought them to the playground. Eating them with our bare hands just like happy kids again. We were so hungry that most of us were busy layaning our chickens only and not the lantern. Hahaha!

So on average I've known these girls for 7 years. Unbelievable it's been this long already, but they were all my former table neighbors, that after we graduated, our friendship got even closer. We spent time on road trips, most of the time karaoke-ing, shopping and eating good food and also a lot of gossip session. That's how girly we are from the girls' school. lol.

We were all from different courses different industries & fields, separated by oceans and thousands of miles and different time zone, we still could find similar topics. Now that we are all being reunited again back at the same place, our friendship still hold strong. Soooo happy now that I could meet up with them on the most spontaneous time day ever. They are the best ever that happened during my high school days. :)))



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