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Friday, November 8, 2013

Visual Diary 1

Hello hello. I've not been updating very often these days. But here's something from yesterday. Meeting up with the primary school bestie for some catch up session. It was bliss getting to see her twice this year. Went mcd for din din since we wanna get the Hello Kitty toy. -_- Srsly, my first time getting toy from McD. But I ain't that cray cray wanting to collect the whole series, I just want this particular ugly duckling hello kitty. Cutxxy max! If only you know my obsession with duckies. Wanted to get this duckie soft toy in Paradigm Mall at a very good deal the other day, but mumsie would've scolded me for buying soft toy. So imma get it the next time :D Back to bestie, we might not talk often or perhaps just once or twice skype session in a year, but whenever she came back, we would have endless topics to talk about. Brought my polaroid out yesterday and we have loads of fun playing selfie with it. :D Friendship is like this, we do not need to see each other often, do not need to talk often, but we still remain in each other's heart. True friends are so precious :')


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